Efficient Supplier Sourcing

We partner with manufacturers whose capabilities and capacities suit your parts

Our approved vendor list includes hundreds of domestic and overseas manufacturers.  We maintain a thorough database of their capabilities, specializations, and current lead times.  When we receive an inquiry, we analyze it analytically and manually to identify the manufacturer best suited to the part’s specifications, volume, and time frame.  These efficiencies decrease the part’s overall cost and lead time.

Streamlined Inquiry Process

Start an inquiry quickly and easily with little information

Though we need just the part number, print or description, and quantity to start your inquiry, you can also indicate any price breaks, timing requirements, certifications needed, and manufacturing location requests.  Complicated parts with tooling may require more time, but quotes are generally returned in one business day.


Pre-Approved Manufacturers

Our manufacturers are vetted and have a reputation for high quality and on-time delivery

Most manufacturers are certified to one of the following quality management systems: ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS 16949 (automotive), ISO 13485:2012 (medical), ISO/TS 29001 (petrochemical), and AS 9100 (aerospace).

We ensure manufactured-to-print parts

All parts are inspected throughout the manufacturing process, and our partners can provide material certifications, first article inspection samples, and PPAPs.

We protect your intellectual property

We and our manufacturing partners frequently sign non-disclosure agreements.  Our platform facilitates quoting through online file exchange and is available through the HTTPS protocol.

Our manufacturing partners are thoroughly vetted and have an industry reputation for high quality and on-time delivery

Consolidated Project Management

Our platform accommodates all categories of industrial parts

Our platform is your starting place for a wide range of components.  Our manufacturing partners specialize in standard and custom cold-headed, machined, stamped, and fabricated parts.


Submit and manage multiple inquiries and orders

Our platform summarizes all of your inquiries and orders, allowing you to sort them by inquiry number, part number, date, quote number, and purchase order number.  Click on any inquiry or order to see a summary of its status.

Real-time updates

Our portal reflects real-time anticipated shipment dates for your open orders.  When your order ships, the portal also indicates the actual quantity, the carrier, and tracking information.


Our portal maintains real-time anticipated shipment dates for your open orders