Capabilities and Suitability

  • With which parts do you have the most success?

    We and our manufacturing partners specialize in custom industrial hardware.  Common categories include machined, cold-headed, cold-forged, stamped, casted, molded and fabricated parts.  In addition to our analytical supplier identification, we review each inquiry for value-adding opportunities.  If your part has zero flexibility in its design, we will quote it exactly as needed.  If small modifications are possible, however, we and our manufacturing partners frequently make time- and cost-saving proposals. Contact us now.

  • What quantities and lead times can you accommodate?

    Collectively, our manufacturing partners own countless pieces of equipment that specialize in prototype- to large production-sized runs. Our platform evaluates your project’s volume and timeframe and partners you with the manufacturer whose equipment and current capacity meet your needs.  Much of a parts’ cost is in set up, so we often quote additional price breaks and lead times so you can make more informed decisions. Contact us now.

  • How do you protect intellectual property?

    We and our manufacturing partners frequently quote sensitive parts and will sign your non-disclosure agreement.  Simply e-mail it to us prior to submitting your quote. This platform facilitates quoting through online file exchange.  Our entire site is available through the HTTPS protocol. Contact us now.

Quality Assurance

  • How do you qualify and rank your manufacturing partners?

    Informally, most of our employees have previously worked in the industry and are familiar with the reputations of manufacturers through firsthand experience.  Formally, all potential partners undergo a thorough qualification process; we evaluate their customer and trade references and weigh site visits.  If needed, many manufacturers are certified to one of the following quality management systems: ISO/TS 16949 (automotive), ISO 13485:2012 (medical), ISO/TS 29001 (petrochemical), and AS 9100 (aerospace).  Last, we do not rank our manufacturing partners.  Any manufacturer that does not meet our users’ expectations is excluded from future participation. Contact us now.

  • Do you guarantee our parts will be manufactured to specification?

    Yes. Quality control inspects throughout the manufacturing process and can include material certifications and dimensional inspection reports.  If needed, we can also arrange for first article samples and PPAPs.  Mistakes are admittedly made occasionally.  If there is an issue with your part, we and the manufacturer will take immediate action to remedy the problem.  We understand the costly consequences of line down situations and know our reputation depends on our response. Contact us now.

  • Do you offer engineering and design support?

    Yes, we offer both unsolicited and solicited support. First, when we receive an inquiry, we evaluate its eligibility for previously unconsidered manufacturing processes. For example, very slight modifications may allow it to be cold-headed instead of machined.  We propose and discuss these modifications with you; often times the alternative process results in meaningful cost savings.  Second, we and the manufacturers’ engineers are happy to speak with you regarding modifications for simplification and application.Contact us now.